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Pet Sitting FAQs

This is my first time using a pet sitter. I’m nervous. How can I trust that my pets will be safe?
As a pet owner, Daisy knows the stress you feel when leaving your pets at home. Rest assure, that when your away, your pets are well cared for and happy. Daisy understands the responsibility of caring for your pets. She takes this responsibility very seriously. Daisy has knowledge in pet care with dogs, cats, birds and most domestic animals. When your pets are in her care, she will take photos/videos and can send you a daily update via text or email.

What does Daisy typically provide for a client when they are out of town?
Typically clients request 1 – 4 visits per a day. Daisy recommends at least 4 visits in a twelve hour span unless you have a pet door where pets can access the backyard. Each visit typically lasts anywhere from 15-60 minutes depending on the types and number of pets and services requested. Daisy treats each client and their pets as individuals. Daisy will perform each service the client has requested. During each visit, she will always provide fresh water, food, clean the yard with a scooper (if requested), litter box and cages as directed, administer medications as requested, companionship, exercise & belly rubs. Daisy is happy to accommodate most special requests as she wants your pets to be as happy and comfortable as possible while you are away. Daisy will look after your home, bring in your mail and newspapers, alternate lights and drapery, set out and bring in the garbage and recycling and water your plants. This also gives your home a “lived in” appearance while you are away.

Do you have references that I can call?
Absolutely! Daisy will always provide you with references you can check!

What type of pets does Daisy care for?
Daisy loves all pets great or small! She will care for most pets as long as they do not pose a danger and do not have a history of aggression to other people or pets.

Will you be the only pet sitter, or will there be others in my home?
Daisy is the only pet sitter who will have access to your pets and home. You never need to worry about people coming and going.

Will you discipline my pets in my absence?
No. Daisy will, however, enforce your “rules” such as no pets allowed on the couch.

Will you board my pet in your home?

Will you share pet sitting duties with our neighbors or friends?
For liability purposes, Daisy will not share pet sitting duties with anyone. Sharing duties can also become confusing, especially if the pet has a special diet, requires medication administration, or has other special needs.

I have a few special items at my house that I also would like to have taken care of while I am gone. Will Daisy be able to take care of this while I am gone?
Most definitely! Daisy would be happy to customize her services to meet your needs as much as possible. From watering your indoor plants to turning on the sprinklers outside…Daisy has you covered!

What forms of payment do you accept and when are payments and deposits expected?
For payment and deposits, Daisy accepts cash, credit card and PayPal. No checks unless you are an established client.

So, how do I get started if I want to use your pet sitting service?
In order to provide the absolute best pet care, Daisy believes it is necessary for you and your pets to be properly introduced and discuss your specific needs. To facilitate this, Daisy provides a free introductory meeting with each new client before she begins any assignment.

House Sitting FAQs

What is house sitting?
House sitting is a great option for landlord/homeowners, that needs to leave their house for a period of time and entrust it to a house sitter. The house sitter is responsible for keeping the property secure, readdressing the mail, and in general, making sure everything runs smoothly. If you have pets, this can be combined as an additional service along with house sitting.

Why use a house sitter?
It’s a great way to secure your home while you’re away. If any problems should arise, like a busted pipe or a leak in the ceiling, Daisy can attend to any issue while you’re away.

Who pays for the utilities and other bills?
You are responsible for paying all your bills.

Will I need to sign a contract?
Yes. A written agreement will be signed before the scheduled date, along with a free consultation to go over all the details.

Have any additional questions or concerns? Call or Email Daisy.